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Introduction to Windows

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The Windows operating system (OS) is a common nemesis a cybersecurity engineer would encounter during penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, etc. Having good knowledge of how Windows OS works gives an edge to the cybersecurity engineer to manage the testing and execution on Windows. This training will provide a fundamental overview of Windows Operating System and its internals. There are no prerequisites to this course and anyone who is interested in knowing the basics of Windows from a cybersecurity perspective is recommended to take this course. The course will cover the following modules: • Installing VirtualBox • Configuring Windows Virtual Machine • Windows Architecture • Command Prompt • Powershell • File System Management • Network Management • User Management • Process Management • Windows UAC • Windows Registry • Windows Services • Windows Updates • Folder and File Permissions • Windows Firewall • Windows Defender • Bitlocker Encryption If you have more questions, please write to us



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