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Penetration Testing Lab Setup

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Master Penetration Testing with Hands-on Labs: Build Your Skills on AWS & DigitalOcean! This course empowers you to become a penetration testing pro by setting up secure labs on AWS and DigitalOcean. Leverage the power of Kali Linux and Docker to build your skills with: ✅ Platform Setup: Learn to install and configure AWS and DigitalOcean for penetration testing. ✅ Kali Linux Mastery: Master the art of penetration testing with Kali Linux installation and configuration. ✅ Docker Labs: Grasp Docker containerization for efficient and flexible lab environments. ✅ Vulnerable Container Creation: Craft secure labs with vulnerable containers honed specifically for penetration testing practice. You will also learn how to create and configure vulnerable containers, and virtual machines, which you can use to practice your penetration testing skills. Creating and managing a penetration lab using virtual machines or cloud providers is crucial to becoming a better penetration tester. During a penetration test, you are often required to set up the lab instantly to test various requirements, and this course shows how to achieve this effectively and efficiently. If you are new to Linux, it is recommended to complete the course "Introduction to Linux" as a prerequisite to this course. If you have more questions, please write us at



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