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DarkRelay experts excel in Black-box, Grey-box, and White-box fuzzing methodologies to find memory corruption bugs in the applications and protocols.



The software has too many bugs and to catch them all manually is an impossible task, and Fuzzing enables organizations to accomplish this.​ Fuzzing is an automated software testing methodology injects invalid, random data into the application and monitors for crashes, and unwanted behaviors that could lead to memory corruption bugs. ​At DarkRelay we utilize modern fuzzers such as AFL and Lib Fuzzer to identify security flaws in the application source code, protocol, and binaries. We also write fuzzing grammar templates for grammar-based fuzzers such as Peach, Boofuzz, and Spike to fuzz various application interfaces and protocols.


Attack Surface Analysis

Fuzzing helps organizations perform Attack Surface Analysis on their application and protocols to uncover security flaws.

Continuous Integration

Fuzzing is a repeatable activity in continuous integration and development aiding in the utilization of harness to attain code coverage.

Team Collaboration

Integrating Fuzzing with the continuous integration development roadmap improves collaboration between Dev and Security Teams.

Eliminate Zero-Day

Fuzzing is very effective in finding zero-day vulnerabilities that may exist in your enterprise’s network, and protocols and applications.

Why Choose DarkRelay?

Cybersecurity Mastery

We are expertly led by seasoned Cybersecurity professionals, boasting certifications including SANS 760, GXPN, GPEN, OSCP, OSCE, and CISSP, with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity R&D.

Tailored Testing

Our expert team recognizes the individual needs of your business, resulting in custom-made testing strategies that precisely cater to your requirements. This approach maximises protection for your assets and optimises your time."

Comprehensive Assessment

We take a holistic approach to assess your application through a multi-dimensional approach to ensure its complete coverage resulting in a better security posture.

Round the Clock Support

Our team of dedicated experts provides round-the-clock support, ensuring your needs are attended to 24/7, 365 days a year for unparalleled peace of mind.

Professional Reports

Embodying the epitome of professionalism and technical expertise, the report is a comprehensive and meticulously crafted documentation designed to empower your organisation with the knowledge required to fortify its security posture.



Binaries Fuzzing

When no source code is available, binaries can be fuzzed using dynamic binary instrumentation to discover memory corruption and other security issues 

Web Application Fuzzing

Black-Box Fuzzing methodology is used in Web Application Fuzzing to inject HTTP requests with mutated and predefined payloads to identify web application and server-related vulnerabilities.

Protocol Fuzzing

The protocol grammar specification is used as an input to fuzz the applications. The user can control which part of the grammar the fuzzer shall mangle.

Source Fuzzing

Fuzzing works best when source code is available.  Static instrumentation to compile the source code is used in Fuzzing and discovering memory corruption issues in the application.


Let's Make Your Business Cyber Resilience today!

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