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DarkRelay cybersecurity services deliver world-class Offensive and Defensive Security Assessments, Advisory, consultancy services, and Cyber Security Training, enabling organizations to defend against the latest cyberattacks, threats and reduce risk by building a cyber resilience infrastructure.


Every organization has potential flaws. Some look the other way, others take the next step and build a cyber-resilient infrastructure. We know your business needs to evolve and stay competitive while remaining secure. 

DarkRelay offers outstanding cyber services and solutions to assess potential cyber risks and vulnerabilities, thus providing clear business-driven outcomes for decision-makers to apply, making their business secure. DarkRelay Cybersecurity consulting guides organizations to improve their product's security posture, build their secure software development lifecycle processes and deliver security during the development and deployment of software products and services. 

DarkRelay is a trusted business partner, always available to provide customized world-class cybersecurity services to your organization through different pipelines. Our broad range of services helps your teams remain fully equipped to protect your organization from any online attacks and threats. Please find out more about our on-demand cybersecurity services below.



Vulnerability assessments are a critical part of IT security as they uncover security flaws within infrastructure and networks by leveraging vulnerability scanning tools. DarkRelay provides clear, actionable reports to help you to remediate the vulnerabilities.

Fuzzing is an automated software testing methodology that injects invalid, random data into the application and monitors for crashes, and unwanted behaviors that could lead to security issues. We utilize modern fuzzers such as AFL, and Lib Fuzzer to identify security flaws in the application source and binaries.

DarkRelay employs social engineering, MITRE  ATT&CK, and various penetration testing methodologies to test your enterprise's people, policy, and technology and help you remediate issues before an adversary could compromise the same. We provide two types of Red Team services: Covert and Notified.

DarkRelay provides Penetration Testing as a Service(PTaaS). We integrate penetration testing into your SDLC for continuous testing, reporting, and remediation. Our offering includes network, infrastructure, cloud, web, and thick client penetration testing.

DarkRelay employs security & privacy by design methodology to improve medical device security architecture and design, resolve vulnerabilities and reduce risks, and attain compliance with global medical device regulations and standard.

DarkRelay Cybersecurity courses will help your DevOps team through all of the stages of the DevSecOps process and empower them with the complete cybersecurity knowledge required for successful cybersecurity risk management.



Cybersecurity Training

Get your cyber warriors trained, equipped, and ready to defend your organization against advanced persistent threats.

Security By Design

Security by design seeks to make organizations free of vulnerabilities and resilient to cybersecurity attacks through secure design, build, test, and release practices.

Risk Management

Manage and reduce your cyber security risks though out the product development life cycle using industry-standard Risk Management services.

Incident Response

Respond to cybersecurity attacks and incidents, and take help from DarkRelay to recover from incidents to get back to business as soon as possible.


Let's Make Your Business Cyber Resilience today!

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