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DarkRelay is Creating Footprints Through Software Security Research, Cybersecurity Consulting, and Training.

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Let DarkRelay Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

DarkRelay Security Labs employs the brightest minds in the software security realm to guide organizations to build cyber resilience into their products, applications, networks, and infrastructure.

DarkRelay cybersecurity services guides organizations to improve their product security posture, build their security software development processes, and deliver security during the development and deployment of software products and services.

Why Hire DarkRelay?

  • Our consulting services integrate Security By Design methodology to meet your project security goals.

  • Our solution includes cybersecurity expert services to configure your systems and reduce cybersecurity threats.

  • We aim to protect people, processes, and assets from cyber security events.

  • We provide on-demand, customised  cyber security consulting services throughout the project life cycle.

We provide Penetration Testing as a Service(PTaaS). The PTaaS model is better for most businesses as most companies like to add dynamic digital content as part of their agile releases.

DarkRelay's Vulnerability Assessment results provide clear, actionable reports on all identified issues to help clients remediate the vulnerabilities discovered.

DarkRelay's instructor-led cyber security training programs provide advanced and interactive courses designed to enable professionals to learn and implement best practices for securing their organization's infrastructure and code.

We utilize modern fuzzers such as Peach, AFL, and Lib Fuzzer to identify security flaws in the application source code and binaries.

DarkRelay employs social engineering, MITRE ATT&CK, and other penetration testing methodologies to test your enterprise's defense posture and help remediate issues before an adversary could compromise them.

DarkRelay provides medical device security planning and strategy, architecture and design reviews, risk assessments, protocol security, and penetration testing services.

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DarkRelay's Academy &

Looking for hands-on Cybersecurity Courses?

DarkRelay Security Labs offers various cybersecurity instructor-led, online cybersecurity training and certifications. Our course content and delivery method are on par with the best cybersecurity course providers across the globe.

Our cyber security course offerings include Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced courses on penetration testing, fuzzing, and exploit development.


We also have a suite of self-paced learning programs for different experienced levels. Our programs library provides everything from basic introductory courses to advanced content. 

Enrol in the training of your choice, schedule online training sessions with our security expert and get access to session course materials, supercharging your cybersecurity journey.


Contact us today to learn more about our training and what we can deliver for you!

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Are You Ready to Build Your Cyber Resilience?

DarkRelay Security Labs provides cutting-edge cybersecurity consulting services to help you plan and integrate security into SDLC.

We provide Offensive Security Testing as a Service(OSaaS).

DarkRelay integrates security services into your SDLC for continuous testing, reporting, and remediation. 

DarkRelay reports security flaws as and when discovered to reduce "time to fix" in your agile SDLC environment. 

The OSaaS model is better for most businesses as most companies like to add dynamic digital content as part of their agile releases.

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