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Introduction to SOC and SIEM

Get a certificate by completing the program.


The Introduction to SOC and SIEM teaches students about the fundamentals of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. This course is ideal for security professionals who want to learn more about SOC, SIEM, and professionals who are interested in a career in Security Operations Centers(SOCs). The course is designed for students with a basic understanding of networking and security. Upon completion of the Introduction to SOC and SIEM program, students will be able to: • Define SOC and SIEM systems. • Understand SOC Responsibilities. • Learn SOC deployment models and components. • Understand cybersecurity frameworks for SOC. • Learn SIEM architecture, components, and functionalities. • Understand the types of Logs collected by SIEM. • Learn fundamentals of EDR and XDR. If you have more questions, please write us at



Beginner, ₹399.00


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